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Crisis at the Border: Options for Helping

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For so many of us, it is heartbreaking to see the images of children being separated from their parents at the doorstep to our nation. And, despite recent developments, this crisis is far from over. The sense of sadness and outrage can motivate us to look for ways to help. The southern border may feel far away from us, but there are also actions we can take right here in Vermont. While there are several national organizations working to address the crisis, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the National Immigration Law Center, Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), and United We Dream, there are many organizations in Vermont that are dedicated to work that helps lessen human suffering.

If you are moved to take action, here are just some of the Vermont organizations that you can support. No doubt, there are many other organizations doing good work; this list should just be considered a starting point. Know that if you’d like more suggestions or help in thinking about your giving, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Vermont
    ACLU Foundation of Vermont is dedicated to advancing the civil rights and civil liberties of all Vermonters. Their efforts are focused on broad range of issues including freedom of speech, criminal justice reform, racial justice, women's rights, LGBT rights, disability rights, voting rights, prisoners' rights, immigrants' rights, religious liberty, privacy, and more.
  • Migrant Justice
    Migrant Justice works to build the voice, capacity, and power of the farmworker community and engage community partners to organize for economic justice and human rights, gathering the farmworker community to discuss and analyze shared problems and to envision collective solutions.
  • Peace & Justice Center
    The Peace & Justice Center is a Vermont-based non-profit, membership organization that works on the interconnected issues of economic and racial justice, peace, and human rights through education, advocacy, training, nonviolent activism and community organizing.
  • Vermont Legal Aid
    Vermont Legal Aid (VLA) strives to advance fairness and justice in the civil legal system, address the social and economic interests of their clients, and confront the underlying causes of poverty, discrimination, and inequality.
  • Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program
    The Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program helps refugees in the Burlington area rebuild their lives by helping them to navigate American culture, laying solid foundations for a fresh start, and making essential connections to successfully integrate into the community.