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An Old Soul: Jamie Kanzler Memorial Fund

Jamie flying

Jamie possessed a deep perception of the needs of others, the gift to nurture curiosity, and he had the ability to make others feel better intentionally and through osmosis. He imparted his love for literature and poetry, ingenuity, humor, and outdoor exploration to his peers and his community. He recognized the importance of giving, sharing time, and providing guidance through resourcefulness.

Jamie grew up in central Vermont and was from Scottish descent. His love of words and profound knowledge of literature were reflected in his sense of these places. As a published author and musician, his words and compositions continue to engage and inspire the mind. He attended the Sharon Academy and the Putney School in Vermont and received a degree in Film Production and Writing from Sarah Lawrence College.

Jamie passed away in September 2013 at the age of 24. An "old soul" from birth, he was extraordinarily sensitive and perceptive, which made his short life equally difficult and intensely meaningful. Vermont, New Orleans, and Scotland were very important places to Jamie. By establishing the Jamie Kanzler Memorial Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation, Jamie’s family believes they have the best opportunity to share his essence through supporting organizations that help strengthen children’s connections to the natural world through literature, outdoor experiences, and the arts.