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A Conversation with Dr. Lydia Clemmons - 2021 Recipient of the Con Hogan Award

Cheryl Mitchell, one of the founding members of the Con Hogan Award committee, interviewed Dr. Lydia Clemmons, the 2021 recipient of the award.

The Con Hogan Award selection committee chose Dr. Clemmons in large part because of her work, like that of her parents, to provide an empowering platform for Black artists and share Black culture and heritage with the Vermont community. Says Committee Chair Scott Johnson: “Clemmons has connected art and public health to improve people’s wellbeing throughout her career, and we are fortunate that she is bringing that vision and experience to her work in Vermont.”

The $15,000 award, to be used however the recipient chooses, was presented at a virtual ceremony on Wednesday, October 6.

Visit the Con Hogan page to learn more about the award.