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McClure Foundation and Vermont Department of Labor Identify Vermont’s High-Pay, High-Demand Jobs


With the coronavirus continuing to drive uncertainty for Vermont workers, the McClure Foundation and the Vermont Department of Labor are releasing today their updated list of Vermont’s most promising jobs for the next 10 years. The free, easy-to-use print and online resource lists 60 plus occupations expected to pay at least $22/hour and have at least 220 openings over the next decade. Using this data, the McClure Foundation has also identified seven “best bet” career training programs for Vermonters in 2021 that lead to a recognized credential and a great shot at attaining a promising job within 18 months. Support from the VT COVID-19 Response Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation, with which McClure is affiliated, will make these training programs even more affordable and accessible to Vermonters.

“With so many Vermonters looking for work or thinking about changing career fields, it’s never been more important to be able to access information about the skills and credentials that are most in demand,” says McClure Foundation executive director Carolyn Weir. “Telecommunications installers, real estate brokers, licensed practical nurses, HVAC mechanics, and computer support specialists—these are just a handful of the most promising jobs we can expect in Vermont over the next 10 years.”

Mathew Barewicz, economic and labor market information director at the Vermont Department of Labor, shares in the enthusiasm. “This resource showcases a number of opportunities, in a variety of sectors, and across multiple skill levels. Whether you are seeking work or want to change jobs, whether you are a current student or looking to get into a skill development program, the information in this brochure can help you achieve your employment goals. Our department is proud to be a part of this continuing effort to highlight Vermont jobs.”

The Vermont’s Most Promising Jobs brochure includes information on median wages, number of projected openings, and minimum education requirements. While many of the jobs don’t require a college degree, the data reveals that employers are usually looking for training and education beyond a high school diploma.

The McClure Foundation list of seven “best bet” career training programs is intended to help jobseekers navigate the hundreds of training programs available across the state and select those that reliably lead to a promising job on a career pathway with even higher pay down the road. All seven programs, which represent fields including finance, information technology, manufacturing, marketing, computer programming, and healthcare, are available through the Community College of Vermont or Vermont Technical College. Grants totaling $350,000 from the VT COVID-19 Response Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation will help reduce tuition for these programs and provide new equipment to the institutions providing this valuable training.

“When short-term career training programs that lead to high-pay, high-demand jobs are affordable and easily accessible in multiple locations or online, Vermont becomes more resilient,” says Dan Smith, president & CEO of the Vermont Community Foundation. “We're seeing that many of these promising jobs are essential in the state’s response to the coronavirus. The more Vermonters that enter these career fields, the more prepared Vermont will be to take on current and future challenges. We’re thrilled to use COVID-19 recovery funds to help make this a reality.”

Vermonters can visit to learn more about the high-pay, high-demand jobs, request free copies of the brochure, and read about the “best bet” career training programs that the McClure Foundation believes will put students and jobseekers on reliable paths to rewarding careers.