Health & Wellbeing

"How a society treats its most vulnerable is always the measure of its humanity." - Mahatma Gandhi

Few things shape a person’s ability to live a full life and achieve their potential more than their overall physical, mental, and emotional health. The factors that influence health touch almost every aspect of our lives: physical activity, food, social connection, access to medical and mental health care. Real disparities in access to these essentials of wellbeing were revealed during the pandemic. Grantmaking in this area will focus on both systems-level change and support for individuals.

Helping youth to thrive

Investing in the wellbeing of our youth sets them up for life-long success, reduces long-term health care costs, increases community vitality, and keeps Vermont a place where families want to live.

Caring for older Vermonters

When we support older Vermonters’ basic needs for meals, transportation, warm homes, and social connection, we also support their ability to age in place and continue to share their wisdom and experience with their community.

Ensuring health equity

From housing to education, many of the systems and structures that we rely on in daily life have contributed to inequitable health outcomes, especially for historically marginalized groups. Finding ways to disrupt these inequities and remove barriers to healthcare is a priority.

Mental health and wellness

The pandemic exposed and exacerbated the gaps in our mental health care to the point of crisis, revealing the need for stronger suicide prevention, workforce development, support for people in crisis, and reducing stigma associated with mental health.

Building social cohesion

Communities that work, play, and solve problems together–despite differences in individual backgrounds, ages, and perspectives–are not only stronger and more resilient, but also have a powerful influence on individuals’ sense of belonging and wellbeing.