Ways to Work with the Vermont Community Foundation

Why Work With Us

"Why should I work with the Community Foundation?” “Why should my client establish a charitable fund with you?” These are just some of the questions we hear when we meet people all over the state. This list of reasons is neither exhaustive nor in a particular order, but we believe it helps people understand why the Community Foundation is your best choice for a charitable partner – you get the convenience of a charitable fund with everything you love about Vermont.

  • We research and track community trends across Vermont. We work with partners throughout Vermont, so we have a big-picture view of the work in our communities.
  • We identify and target gaps. We highlight places where philanthropy has an opportunity to make a big difference in improving the lives of our communities.
  • We vet and recommend grantees. We have staff expertise across almost any issue area you might be interested in. All told, the funds we manage grant out over $30 million a year, throughout Vermont and beyond. Regardless of the subject matter, there’s a philanthropic advisor on our staff who can help expand your portfolio of organizations to give to.
  • You’ll know what your gift accomplished. With many of the grants that flow through us – and especially the grants associated with programs we manage – we have the ability to report back to you how that money was used and what actually changed in the community as a result.
  • Our staff manages everything from basic to complex structures. Whether you want a basic donor advised fund that is used like a charitable checking account or a family foundation that has its own board of directors and competitive grant rounds, we have the technical expertise to take care of all the details. We also have an online donor portal that allows you to find organizations, and make a grant anytime with just a few clicks. We take care of all the rest, from cutting the check to notifying the grantee to making sure any paperwork is filed with the IRS. Whatever you choose, we make it easy for you, so you can concentrate on what matters most – your giving.
  • You love Vermont and you love being part of something bigger. We’re viewed as a leader in the state in promoting philanthropy, pulling people together to move work forward, and efficiently and effectively meeting urgent needs. When you join the Community Foundation, you become part of something bigger than any one individual – you join a family of people who care deeply about Vermont and are committed to doing great things together for their community.

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