Grantee Press Kits

We’ve put this information together to help our grantees share news about the grant and their work. You’ll find social media tips, local media contacts, and a press release template. And know that we're here to help. If you have any questions about how to publicize or publicly acknowledge your grant, reach out to us!

Press Releases and Media Contacts

Press releases are a great way to share news about the grant with your community. You may want to email a press release announcing the grant and your upcoming work to local media contacts. 

Feel free to select and download a press release template we've created from the list below to draft your own release. When sending the release to your local media contacts, we recommend including it in the body of the email instead of as an attachment. 

Social Media: Let's Share the News!

We’d like to help publicize your work by highlighting it on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If your organization uses any of these social media sites, let us know by tagging us in your posts and we’ll do our best to re-post information you share about the grant. If your organization does not use social media, now is a great time to consider jumping on board and sharing news with your network!

Our Logo

If you would like to feature our logo on print or online materials relating to your grant, we would be happy to provide you with a high-resolution file. Please contact Communications Manager Zoe Pike with a note briefly describing the materials and how you plan to feature the logo, and she will send you the file.