Component Funds

Thanks to the many people who have helped create a more vibrant Vermont by opening fund at the Vermont Community Foundation.

Gifts to the Vermont Community Foundation come from several sources: from individuals and families, both during their lifetimes and via bequest, and from private foundations, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. With their gifts, many donors create and build charitable funds within the Foundation for a wide range of purposes. All of these component funds help achieve our desired goal of sparking philanthropy, increasing its effectiveness, and fueling its growth for the good of Vermont.

The Foundation is a family of 888 funds. When a fund is established the donor names the fund and defines its purpose. Many funds bear the donor’s name; others are anonymous, while some are identified as memorials or have a designated recipient organization. We offer various fund types to help people achieve their philanthropic goals. Included in the total number of funds, but not listed here, are planned gifts, such as Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Gift Annuities.

Following is a list of the Community Foundation’s component funds as of December 31, 2021.

An important note: Some component funds offer competitive grants for Vermont nonprofit organizations seeking support. Grantseekers are encouraged to visit to learn about specific guidelines and deadlines for submitting proposals. If you have further questions about funding eligibility, please contact one of our philanthropic advisors.