Opportunity Fund

Closing the opportunity gap—the divide that leaves many Vermonters struggling to build bright, secure futures no matter how hard they work—is the cornerstone of our mission. 

No one should be held back by their zip code, income level, the color of their skin, or any aspect of their identity. In 2017, the Community Foundation began to align its philanthropic resources to close the opportunity gap. In a world upended by COVID-19, systemic racism, and growing economic inequity, the role of philanthropy in addressing these conditions has evolved.

Expansive and dynamic by design and with principles of equity embedded throughout, these five impact areas—new in 2023—provide an updated framework for how we work with nonprofits, donors and fundholders, grantees, and partners across Vermont. Opportunities to learn together, build deeper understanding, and move forward with flexibility and trust are inherent to our approach.

The work focuses on five areas: 

Our approach includes deep community engagement and partnership on the local level, grants, and place-based investments. 

A contribution to the Opportunity Fund will provide resources for the Foundation's opportunity gap grantmaking and investments, along with support for related strategic projects.