Crosby-Gannett Fund

The Crosby-Gannett Fund was established at the Vermont Community Foundation in 2009 with the assets of the Crosby Foundation, which was dissolved in December 2008.

The Crosby Foundation was founded in December 1951 by Charles R. Crosby, a native of Brattleboro, to help serve community needs in the broader Brattleboro area. The name Gannett was added to the Fund in 2012 by the Advisory Committee to honor Senator Robert T. Gannett who had guided the Crosby Foundation as Secretary-Treasurer for more than 50 years.

What We Fund

The purpose of the Crosby-Gannett Fund is to support endeavors that contribute to the betterment and vitality of the Brattleboro area. To help address the impact of the current coronavirus pandemic, the Crosby-Gannett Fund is temporarily focusing its grantmaking on efforts that address basic community needs related to the pandemic. Recognizing the impact of this crisis on the operations of local nonprofits, the fund is temporarily expanding its criteria for funding to also include general operating requests. Priority will be given to organizations located in the immediate Brattleboro area.

Beginning in 2021, the Crosby-Gannett Fund will administer one competitive grant round per year. 

Who May Apply

Eligible applicants must be schools, municipal entities, or nonprofit organizations that serve the Brattleboro area.

All applicants to programs at the Vermont Community Foundation must meet these guidelines.

Grant Size

Grants will range from $250 to $2,500.

Deadline and Notification

The Crosby-Gannett Fund 2021 deadline:
Applications will be accepted between January 11 - February 12, 2021. Applications must be received by 5PM on Friday, February 12 in order to be considered. 

Application Process

All applications must be submitted electronically. Visit our Online Grants Center page to learn how and to register for a new account. Or click here to access your existing account.

To help you prepare, click here to view or download the application questions.