College & Career Training

So that every Vermonter has a chance to achieve their career goals through access to a postsecondary degree or credential of value.

In Vermont, when a young person leaves public school, the choices available to them may be severely limited by circumstance. A highly skilled and educated workforce brightens Vermont’s economic outlook and improves the lives of individuals, families, and communities. And yet fewer than 4 in 10 of Vermont’s high school students from families in the low-income bracket pursue such pathways after graduation. We know that hands-on career exploration, tech initiatives, and programs for young people experiencing financial stress help provide the type of training that will add qualified people to Vermont’s workforce.

The Community Foundation believes in programs that build equitable access to affordable and high-quality college and training, preparing Vermonters for their lives and careers. 

The College and Career Training Fund helps support access to college and training through career exposure, scholarships, programming, awareness raising, accessibility, and more. A contribution to this fund helps to increase the Community Foundation’s capacity to make flexible grants that support Vermonters as they reach their own goals, build their lives, and strengthen Vermont communities.


Make the necessary investments to ensure that 70% of working age Vermonters have a credential of value. Make sure that Vermonters, no matter their income-level, background or birthplace have access to educational opportunities.

The Foundation will support efforts/programs that:

  • Identify and eliminate barriers to postsecondary access and success for low-income and first-generation youth and adults
  • Make the education and training pathways to Vermont’s promising jobs more accessible, more affordable, and more visible
  • Change the narrative to ensure public recognition of accessible college and career training as a shared value
  • Support the affordability of college and career training, including through scholarships


Current Initiatives

In this work, we partner with and look to leverage the systems-level vision and the years-long strategic explorations of core partners like the McClure Foundation and The Curtis Fund, both supporting organizations of the Community Foundation.

The McClure Foundation is guided by a vision of Vermont where no promising job goes unfilled for lack of a qualified applicant and where college and career training contribute to greater equity and resilience. It partners closely with the Vermont Department of Labor to identify Vermont’s most promising jobs and with the Community College of Vermont to expand access to affordable college and career training for Vermonters.

Through scholarships for college and career training, The Curtis Fund helps to level the playing field so that every Vermonter has a chance to obtain the education she or he needs, regardless of family background, income level, or birthplace.