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As we begin to navigate the pandemic's long-term impacts on employment, now is the time to promote education and training programs that lead to Vermont's promising jobs. In 2020, the Community Foundation and its partners granted more than $3.4 million to college and career training initiatives, which boosted enrollment at a time when enrollment nationally was in decline and provided a valuable framework for pandemic-era public policy. On June 22nd, 2021, the Community Foundation hosted a short webinar to discuss how grantmakers can support college and career training in ways that drive more equity and resilience in Vermont. Speakers included:

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Three Things You Can Do to Help Vermont's Arts Scene

Vermont's arts and cultural organizations are an industry valued at more than $123 million, yet the pandemic has created a serious threat—cutting revenue at some locations by as much as 80 percent. Our latest brief shares three actions you can take today to help Vermont's arts and cultural organizations continue to weather the pandemic.

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