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Vermont Public Launches Special Campaign to Raise Funds for Flood Relief with the Vermont Community Foundation

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image courtesy of Vermont Public

In response to catastrophic flooding caused by heavy rainfall last week, Vermont Public and the Vermont Community Foundation have joined forces to raise money for the VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund 2023, beginning today through midnight on Sunday, July 23.

One hundred percent of the money donated will benefit the VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund 2023, created by the Vermont Community Foundation to help the state recover from the devastating flooding that forced hundreds of people to evacuate and destroyed homes, businesses, and farms. The intense rain cratered roads, triggered mudslides, and flooded downtowns, leaving layers of mud, rubble, and extensive property damage.

Contributions to the fund will support emergency needs, families, farms, main street businesses and communities that were affected across the state and will play an important role as the Foundation works with local nonprofits, state government, relief organizations, and other partners to help put Vermont back together.

Vermont Public applied for and received a special waiver from the Federal Communications Commission, permitting the station to use its airwaves to raise funds for another organization. "Vermont Public’s audience is incredibly generous,” said President & CEO Scott Finn. "Despite the enormity of this crisis, it’s inspiring to see Vermonters rallying to help each other. A gift to this special fundraiser will make an important impact.”

Dan Smith, president & CEO of the Vermont Community Foundation, said the funds raised will have a meaningful impact across Vermont.

“Giving to the VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund will help address needs in every corner of our state as the full scale of the flood’s impact emerges in the days, weeks, and months ahead,” Smith said. “We appreciate every gift that helps us build on the incredible generosity we are already seeing as neighbors help neighbors and residents rally to assist local farmers, business owners, and people in need.”

Smith added: “We appreciate Vermont Public for joining in the effort to raise funds and speed Vermont’s recovery.”

Donations can be made via Vermont Public from Monday, July 17 through Sunday, July 23 at or by calling 800-639-6391.

Vermont Public was granted a waiver from the FCC to make this effort possible. The organization has a long history of fundraising for critical causes. Both VPR and Vermont PBS raised money for flood relief following Tropical Storm Irene in 2011. After 9/11, VPR held a campaign to help replace WNYC’s transmitter and raised money for the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The nonprofit Vermont Community Foundation has coordinated philanthropic responses to crises throughout its history. Its VT COVID-19 Fund put nearly $11 million to work in Vermont communities and the Foundation raised more than $4 million to rebuild communities after Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.

Vermont Public has extensive resources and news coverage at

Visit to learn more about the VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund 2023.