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Open Curiosity: Dave Stiller

Dave Stiller

Born and raised in Vermont, fundholder Dave Stiller grew up with the belief that business and social responsibility don’t have to be at odds. While completing his Master’s degree at Champlain College, Dave turned his attention to studying organizational structures, and he continues to be fascinated by the design of the way humans work together and the possibility of building systems and companies that can contribute to a better world.

When it comes to his giving, Dave exhibits a wide open curiosity. Many philanthropists choose an area or two to focus on, but he isn’t ready to do that.

“The Community Foundation does an excellent job of presenting the landscape of what’s going on in Vermont,” he says. “Working with them has helped me find many opportunities to support different projects and organizations that speak to me.”

Dave’s giving is thoughtful, and it is clear that his keen interest in how systems are designed will be a part of his evolving philanthropy.