Support for Youth & Families

So that youth and families have a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment outside of the school.

In order for families to provide safe, stable, and enriching environments for their children, parents and caregivers must themselves have the resources they need—both financially and programmatically. Families and communities benefit from programs that provide basic human needs such as housing, food security, transportation, and healthcare, along with out-of-school learning opportunities, financial literacy, and mentoring.

At the Community Foundation, we believe that this type of support is the bedrock for building a future where Vermont and its communities can thrive. A gift to the Supporting Youth and Families Fund enables the Foundation to respond to critical program needs across the state.


Make the necessary investments that allow families to offer a safe, stable, enriching environment for their children, focusing on strategies that target our most vulnerable and the community-based organizations that support them.

 The Foundation will support efforts/programs that:

  • Expand and strengthen out-of-school learning opportunities (after-school and summer programs) that serve
    our target population
  • Support substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery
  • Enhance programs that promote mental health
  • Expand programs that connect families to the full spectrum of emergency, transitional, and affordable
  • Support programs that lower the financial barriers to basic needs beyond housing, including food security,
    transportation and health care
  • Improve financial literacy
  • Help employers support employees who are facing financial or life stresses
  • Expand and strengthen mentoring programs

Current Initiatives

For so many youth, the hours after school provide a gap in safe and enriching space. We are proud to partner with Vermont Afterschool, who has been pivotal in creating programming, staffing and a statewide platform for engaging youth and increasing youth agency.

We also focus on recovery and mental health supports, such as structures for individuals re-entering the workforce and dealing with recovery or addiction challenges, community mental health models, and safe and secure shelter.

We particularly look to support young people and prioritize grantmaking strategies that focus on their engagement and empowerment.