Vermont communities are actively fundraising to help neighbors who have been affected by the catastrophic flooding. Hack Club Bank provides nonprofit hosting and oversight services to charitable initiatives, clubs, and community groups. Through fiscal sponsorship, HCB enables groups to gain 501(c)(3) status, collect donations, make purchases with spending cards, and manage funds. For every group that establishes a Hack Club account to raise money for local mutual aid flood efforts in Vermont, The Vermont Community Foundation will match the first $500 in donations per project. This funding match will cover up to $30,000 (approximately 60 mutual aid community projects) across Vermont.

How the matching funds work / how to qualify:

  1. Fill out this form to open a relief fund. Requirement: You must use the funds raised to help your community and others, not yourself. A member of the Hack Club Bank team in Shelburne will reply within 24 hours on a weekday.

  2. Deposit money through your donation form. You can add money personally or share it with others. See sample donation form. All donations are tax-deductible, and receipts are automatically sent. GoFundMe and other methods to add funds work, too.

  3. For every $100 raised, a matching grant from The Vermont Community Foundation will be added to your project’s fund—up to a total of $500 per project.

Running a relief effort on Hack Club Bank gets you 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, which makes donations tax-deductible and qualifies you for foundation grants. Hack Club Bank is a nonprofit fiscal sponsor.

Contact with any questions or for a list of current projects and funding availability. Hack Club responds the same day or the next day on weekdays.